Kenora Bass International

Kenora Bass International is a catch and release tournament that takes place every year on the waters of scenic Lake of the Woods. When the tournament began in 1988 there were 43 teams competing and now there are over 125 entries. This annual bass tournament brings thousands of avid anglers to the local area to compete for tens of thousands of dollars in prize money.

Because this is a sporting event only, it is designated as a catch and release event which promotes good sportsmanship while being kind to the catch.

During this three-day event, each team weighs their catch at the end of each day. The Team with the greatest number of pounds and ounces at the end of three day wins. Teams with fish that cannot be released and reasonably expected to survive will receive a weight penalty of 4 oz. per fish. Fish are weighed on the Harbourfront and then recorded and tagged (if they have not been tagged already from previous tournaments). After, each fish is transported back to the part of the lake where it was caught.