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How KHA supports your community!

Please contact Stefan Robinson at [email protected] to request KHA funding.

Lake of the Woods Soccer Association (LWSA)


The KHA is happy to announce funding for the Lake of the Woods Soccer Association in the amount of $8,000. We understand this will help the LWSA stay afloat during these tough times. This venue is critical to the community of all ages and its importance cannot be understated to not just Kenora but also all of Northwest Ontario & Manitoba. We cannot wait to see full seasons and sold-out tournaments again!

Rotary Club Of Kenora

$10,000 donation to Peace Park

The KHA is proud to announce funding to the Rotary Club of Kenora in the amount of $10,000 towards their $100k goal for the building of the wonderful Kenora Rotary Peace Park. This fantastic location will bring people from all cultures together and we cannot wait to see it in its tranquil final form!


Lake of the Woods Marina

$5,000 towards their Coney Island Shuttle Service

LOTW Marina is offering a shuttle service to Coney Island on a scheduled basis for only $5 each way! We anticipate this much-needed service to continue annually from here on out!


Lake of the Woods Speedway

$10,000 for Speedway Enhancements

They have done incredibly well since they have moved to their home on Jones Road. Over the years, we have donated numerous times in which the total now stands at $55,000.


Annual Fireworks

We have also been the annual key sponsor of the Fireworks with a contribution of $10,000 usually for Canada Day.

The annual Open Air Market Musicians
The Annual Rabbit Lake Skating Trail & Outdoor Rinks
U18 Kenora Thistles



Anicinabe Park Crokicurl Donation


Annual City of Kenora Tourism Marketing
Kenora Bass International


Vernon Nature Trails

$2,500 for their new and improved trail signs

And Many More!